Veikkaus closes all the gaming arcades and slot machines due to the coronavirus

Veikkaus made decisions on Friday 13 March targeted at minimizing the risks of the customers, partners, and employees to be infected by the coronavirus.

- People’s health is of primary importance. To deal with the present exceptional circumstances, we must take all measures to prevent the virus from spreading through, for example, surfaces. For our part, we will prepare for the situation by closing all our gaming arcades and slot machines at least until the end of March, says Veikkaus’ President and CEO Olli Sarekoski.

- The decision covers all the decentralized slot machines in, for example, supermarkets, kiosks, service stations, and restaurants. Further, the Casino Helsinki and the Feel Vegas and Pelaamo arcades will be closed at least until the end of March.

The decentralized slot machines were closed on Friday night, and so were the Feel Vegas and Pelaamo arcades. In other words, starting from Saturday 14 March, they will not be opened. The Casino Helsinki was already closed the whole day on Friday.  

We will continue to provide games normally in Veikkaus’ online service and applications, and the points of sales will continue to sell coupon games and scratchcards. Betting games are offered to the degree that the betting objects are available.

All the customer events organized by Veikkaus, for example, at the Casino and in connection with sporting events will be cancelled until further notice.

- We are constantly following the development of the coronavirus situation and we will be making more rapid decisions that can be deemed to have effects that prevent the spreading of the virus, if need be, says Sarekoski.

At this stage, Veikkaus is not planning employee layoffs associated with the closing of the gaming arcades and the slot machines.