Casino Helsinki table games

Table games

There are more than 20 tables in Casino Helsinki. We have the following table games: Roulette, Black Jack, Dynamic Poker Pro, Russian Poker and Punto Banco. The lower level table games area opens daily at 1.05 pm. Our staff will be pleased to answer any queries about the games and guide you to the world of casino gaming.

Minimum bets in table games start at 2,5 €. 2,5 euros grant you a round at the Roulette. Each table is equipped with a board showing the minimum and maximum bets.

You can pay with cash, debit card, international currencies and traveller's cheques. Chips can be purchased at the tables with euros. Foreign currencies are exchanged at the cash desk, where you can also withdraw cash with a debit card. Credit cards are only accepted in the bars and restaurants within the casino. Tipping is allowed.