- Poker tables are opening Friday 18th September at 6pm -

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Ranking Tournaments

You can earn ranking points by playing in Casino Helsinki’s regular weekly tournaments. The eight top players of each tournament receive ranking points. Two per cent of each ranking tournament prize pool is added to the ranking pot. The top 24 ranking players will be invited to the Grand Final, and the entire ranking pot split among the top five finishers. More information and Ranking standings

Big tournament events at Casino Helsinki

Helsinki Freezeout, international tournament week held annually in January.
Midnight Sun Poker, international tournament week held annually in June.
Fennia Grand Slam, international tournament week held annually every fall.
Pokerin SM, Finnish national championship event held annually in October-November.

Other tournaments

Veikkaus tournament calendar
Casino Helsinki weekly tournament ranking
TuhtiHuhti, tournament weekend in April.
Red Carpet Poker, poker and movies at the Casino.
Hip Hop Hold'Em, rap meets poker.
Rock Pokeri, legendary tournament held at the Casino.

Cash games and the Bad Beat Jackpot

Cash games are available every evening at the Casino. You can follow the status of cash games available at Casino Helsinki on the @pokeriFi Twitter account. More information on cash games.

Casino Helsinki’s regular cash games feature a Bad Beat Jackpot. The Jackpot is accumulated by collecting one euro per each hand in which there are at least six players and the hand is played to at least the second betting round. The Bad Beat Jackpot is paid out if at the end of the round, there are two or more hands that fulfill the criteria for triggering the Jackpot. More information on the Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad Beat Jackpot now

51 852 €

Poker room rules and guidelines (pdf, 642KB)