Poker Room

Our weekly poker tournaments and international tournaments, organized for more than ten years now, have made Casino's poker room well known both in Finland and abroad. Our poker selection comprises five variants, each of which are played as tournament and cash games. The fascinating world of poker offers exciting moments for everyone, from beginners to professionals. The Casino Helsinki poker room hosts both cash games and tournaments.
To sign up for cash games, contact the poker room supervisor. Cash games are played with cash chips which can be purchased at the poker table. Chips are cashed back on the casino cash desks. There is a minimum buy-in in each poker table. Casino Helsinki’s cash games are played with the table stakes rule: players can bet no more chips than they have on the table in the beginning of a hand. Even if players are unable to make the required bet, they cannot add more money during a hand. It is also forbidden to take away any amount of chips or borrow them to another player before withdrawing from the game.

As a consequence, both the tournaments and cash games in Casino Helsinki adhere to the all in rule, which states that players cannot be forced to fold their hand even if they don’t have the chips necessary to call a bet. In such case a player declares himself all in, moving the rest of his chips in the pot. After this, the player is only playing for the pot up to his final bet – any further bets are assigned to a side pot which the all in player cannot win.

The most common games in our Poker room:
Omaha Pot Limit
buy-in 20 - 100€, blinds 1€/1€, played only Sun - Thu
buy-in min. 100 €, blinds 2,5 €/2,5 € 
buy-in min. 200 €, blinds 5 €/5 € 
Texas No Limit 
buy-in 20 - 100€, blinds 1€/1€, played only Sun - Thu

buy-in min 50 € max 350 €, blinds 2,5 €/2,5 € 
buy-in min 100 € max 1000 €, blindit 5 €/5€ 
buy-in min 250 € max 2500 €, blinds 10 €/10€

buy-in min 500 € max 5000 €, blinds 20 €/20€

We also organize limit games on request.
On Fridays and Saturdays cash games start at 6.15pm, on other days as tables become vacant from tournament games. If possible, we will open cash games right at the beginning of the tournament.

Rake (house share) 
In cash games, the casino collects a 5% share of each pot played; the maximum is 10 €/pot. In addition, if the flop or second face-up card is dealt, one euro is collected from the pot for the Bad Beat Jackpot. However, this only happens if six or more players participate in the game. 
If the flop or second face-up card is not dealt, the charge is not collected.